RAF offers Russian motorists a full range of services at European standards available round the clock at a fair price

  • Federal call center
  • Our own fleet of breakdown vehicles equipped with state-of-art inventory and GPS units
  • Qualified personnel educated according to uniquely elaborated techniques with wide experience in technical assistance and legal counseling
  • Quality assurance service provided to all RAF customers

RAF provides roadside assistance for owners of cars, trucks up to 2500 kg and buses up to 2000 kg.

RAF may refuse to provide assistance in case the vehicle failed to pass the state technical inspection in accordance with the established procedure before applying for the membership.

The assistance is provided in the event of a vehicle breakdown or an accident that occurred no earlier than 24 hours after the activation of the card.


Service zone

Moscow - within MKAD + 50 km

Cities - within the city + 30 km from the administrative boundaries of the city

Costs outside the RAF CARD coverage zone

Vehicle type Cost for one way
to the service location (per 1 km)
RAF towing vehicle 50 RUR, 18% VAT included
RAF breakdown van 50 RUR, 18% VAT included