Card activation

In order to enable you to use the services, you must activate it in your web-account.

Activate card

Important! You must activate the cardwithin six months from the date of purchase. You can use our services24 hours after its activation

Is it impossible to activate the card on the site? You can activate it by phone
8 (800) 200-0560*

Be prepared to provide the vehicle license number, make, model, year and color specified in the certificate of registration

After the activation procedure is completed, the Company may send to the customer a notification with registration data. If the registration data indicated in the notification do not correspond with the data that were provided by the Customer during the Card activation procedure, the Customer must contact the Company in written form within 24 hours from the time the notification was received, so that the necessary changes are made in the registration data.

The obligations of the Company to the Client to provide services occur within 24 hours after the completion of the activation maps.

The Agreement ends at 24 pm,following after three hundred sixty fifth day since the activation date.

*Call cost is paid by the Client in accordance with the tariff operator who provided the connection